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Anonymous asked:

any tips on how to get my honey to spank me? I have asked flat out and I get bits and pieces, but he has yet to take me to the edge. I am starting to be obsessive about it.

You could watch Spanking porn with him in the house and masturbate to it. Show him how hot it gets you. You could spank yourself when he’s home and then go to him and show him what you did and how much you need a follow up. You could watch the porn with him and suck him off—positive reinforcement for images of spanking. You could get an implement he can spank you with so his hand doesn’t get tired. You could create a scenario with sexy costumes that appeal to his own likes/interests…

You could find the spanko/fetish/BDSM club in your area and ask to go with him to watch. Maybe participate or have someone there walk you both through a spanking over a bench or something. Let him see it’s not as strange as he may think. Give him opportunities to spank you that can also be integrated into any of his own fantasies.

Good luck!


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